Case History

Feeding line for blanking lines, combined for steel HR and aluminium

Feeding line for blanking lines able to process both aluminium and high-strength steel.

The customer, a renowned UK car manufacturer, well-known for having used aluminum alloys and high-strength steel for car body production for many years, contacted Saronni for the supply of this line for alternating production of aluminum and steel with fully automatic line set up.

Special care has been taken in the design and construction of the leveller, with automatic cassette change, and all other parts of the machine in contact with the materials.

  • Fully automatic set up
  • Maximum flexibility to process HR and aluminium steel
  • High precision leveling
  • High performance (feeder speed – step precision)


2.150 mmMax. strip width
4 mmMax. strip thickness
1200 N/mm2Yield strength
30.000 KgMax. decoiler capacity