Customer operating in Spain specialized in “fine blanking” technique

Long-standing customer operating in Spain specialized in the "fine blanking" technique

Our customer renews its trust in Saronni by ordering a new feeding line for extreme thicknesses.

Customer goals: carry out the coil change in complete safety, reduce the times for the strip head introduction, obtain a high and constant flatness of the strip after straightening.

Due to the strip thickness and the mechanical characteristics of the material, particular attention has been paid to the control of the coil loading and introduction of the strip head which must be carried out by the operator in complete safety.

In this regard, both radial and lateral containment of the coil is guaranteed by solid pressure arms equipped with motorized rolls and lateral conic rolls. The coil cradle is equipped with lateral containment brackets which allow the handling of particularly narrow coils.

An automatic welding unit allows the junction of the tail of the processed coil with the head of the new coil loaded, guaranteeing the continuous flow of material to the press dies without interruptions and significantly increasing safety. A precision straightening machine of large dimensions and high rigidity guarantees, through the proprietary software A.S.A. (automatic straightening adjustment), the correct straightening of the strip.


500 mm


15 mm


Re 800N/mm2


12000 Kg